Appellate Advocacy

Appellate advocacy is a focused area of litigation that narrowly concentrates on what happened at the trial court level to determine if the trial court’s judgment should be affirmed or reversed. Dedicated appellate counsel with a comprehensive understanding of the appellate process is critical to success in bringing or responding to an appeal.

Davies Pearson attorneys have a proven record of success in effectively and efficiently representing clients before state and federal appellate courts. Davies Pearson’s Appellate Advocacy attorneys also have unique insight into how appellate courts evaluate cases, gained by working closely with appellate court judges to resolve cases during judicial clerkships at the Washington State Court of Appeals, Division II.

Davies Pearson’s Appellate Advocacy attorneys can assist you with:
  • Comprehensive case evaluation to determine if an appeal should be filed
  • Filing or responding to an appeal from start-to-finish
  • Seeking or responding to a petition for discretionary review of a trial court decision or a petition for review by the Supreme Court of a Court of Appeals opinion