Employment Law

If you have human resource issues in your current business, are starting a new business, or are expanding your business, our attorneys can provide you with expert advice and guidance in employment issues. Our attorneys are skilled with assisting clients in formulating personnel policies and representing them in mediation and arbitration, and when appropriate, in litigation. Early consultation with an attorney at Davies Pearson usually results in being able to resolve your employment issues faster.

Employment Law Attorney

Rebecca M. Larson
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Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

We are committed to promoting a harassment- and discrimination-free work environment. We are also committed to the notion that employers have just as much right to be protected against unfair and uncalled for harassment and discrimination claims. For those who have experienced workplace discrimination, we provide counseling and will ensure that your case is thoroughly investigated and diligently pursued. For employers who have been victimized by reckless and damaging employee claims of harassment and discrimination, we will provide a vigorous defense.

Whistle Blower and Retaliation Claims

State and Federal law provide protection to those people who are unfairly punished for doing the right thing. Our practice is built upon an in-depth knowledge of the law, how to apply it, and which of the many avenues for recovery applies best to the individual client. For employers, we use the same skill set in defending baseless complaints of retaliation.

Employment Contracts

We work with employers and employees in the preparation or review of employment contracts that provide a clear and fair set of rights and responsibilities for both parties.

Labor Relations

Drawing on our many years of experience, we work with employers in all phases of union interaction—from development of collective bargaining agreements to litigation when necessary—to provide the highest quality results.

Safety and Health Inspections (OSHA and WISHA)

These inspections can often lead to dire unforeseen consequences. We can help employers to navigate through the various challenges that they must face when Federal or State agencies threaten action against them.

Employment Policies and Handbooks

We will help with development of comprehensive personnel policies and procedures, and provide ongoing counseling on best employment practices.


Putting on a trial in front of a judge and jury is an experience that many attorneys regrettably cannot claim. We believe that, for an attorney, developing a reputation for willingness and ability to go all the way to trial is crucial, not just at trial itself but in every phase of litigation. Clients of successful trial attorneys enjoy substantial benefits over their counterparts who do not have representation from a trial attorney. They can expect a more streamlined, “no-nonsense” experience, where gamesmanship is minimized and value to the client is maximized. At Davies Pearson, we pride ourselves on having a roster well-respected trial attorneys.