Real Estate

Whether you are purchasing, selling, developing or occupying real estate, Davies Pearson can assist you in identifying and navigating the myriad of legal issues that will inevitably arise. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing owners, contractors, and developers in complex real estate matters. We utilize cross-disciplinary tactics that draw upon the firm’s experience in related fields such as business law and banking to deliver you a successful strategy for your real estate needs. We understand what is important to our clients and it is our aim to keep you informed of and involved in each and every aspect of your matter.

The Real Estate Law Group at Davies Pearson represents both residential and commercial clients in the following areas:

Condemnation/Eminent Domain

Condemnation is the State’s exercise of its constitutional right of eminent domain to take private property for a public purpose. The condemning authority must pay “fair compensation” to the landowner for the real estate or property rights taken. The process can be complex. Our goal is to make sure the taking entity is acting within its limited authority and that true, fair and complete compensation is paid to the landowner for all of the many consequences of the taking.

Commercial Leasing / Landlord-Tenant

Leases are long and complex documents that determine the relationship between a landlord and tenant for many years. Lease terms are often disregarded as “boilerplate” but have a substantial impact on the rights and obligations of both the landlord and the tenant. Our attorneys understand the nuances of lease language and will lead the landlord or the tenant through the process of negotiating and/or enforcing ground, retail, office, restaurant, warehouse or office leases.

Real Estate Finance

Our attorneys have substantial experience in financing real estate acquisitions and development, and documenting secured loan transactions. We can advise you regarding construction and/or permanent financing for commercial, residential, and condominium developments. Our clients include banks, individual lenders, borrowers, developers, businesses, and builders.


We represent banks and private lenders in the collection of financial obligations through workout agreements, judicial and non-judicial foreclosures, and custodial and general receiverships. Our attorneys have substantial experience representing creditors in residential, commercial, retail, and condominium projects.

Real Estate Litigation

Our attorneys have years of experience representing landowners, developers, builders, and lenders in litigation regarding all aspects of commercial and residential real estate, including buy/sell disputes, construction and construction defects, condemnation, development rights, boundaries, adverse possession, easements, and land titles. Whether the dispute is resolved by negotiation, mediation, arbitration or trial, we zealously protect our client’s rights while striving to bring the matter to an efficient and effective resolution.


An easement is the right to use land owned by another. Whether created by grant, reservation, implication, prescription, or necessity, easements impact all aspects of real estate law, including land titles, boundary disputes, real estate development, and finance. Our attorneys are experts in drafting, interpreting and enforcing all kinds of easements.

Boundary Disputes

One party’s use or occupancy of the land of another, without the permission of the landowner, can raise substantial legal issues. What may start as a trespass can, with time, turn into a legal right. Boundary disputes, whether commercial or residential, are inherently volatile. We understand the complex nature of these disputes and the many ways they can be resolved. We work hard to protect our clients’ interests.

Condominiums / Homeowners Associations

The common ownership of land by an association of unrelated people presents unique opportunities and challenges. Our attorneys have substantial experience in formation and administration of condominiums and homeowners associations. We represent both developers and owner associations of residential, commercial and mixed use projects.